Overhead Storage

  • Strong Racks Overhead Wall Racks

    Strong Racks

    Strong Racks Overhead Wall Racks are one of our client favorites when it comes to storage. These convenient, heavy duty shelves help provide the potential to utilize & maximize the often wasted ceiling space…

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  • Racor Heavy Lift


    Strategy is important when it comes to organization. The Racor Heavy lift is built to make ceiling storage straightforward, while keeping your items easily accessible. This smooth to operate, 4’ x 4’ platform lift…

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  • ProSlat Storage Elevators


    An affordable & effective motorized lift can be hard to come by. Luckily, ProSlat offers an incredible solution to help reclaim your floor space & not break the bank. Their new motorized hoist allows you…

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  • Monkey Bars Storage Overhead Rack

    Monkey Bars Storage

    Is walking through your garage starting to feel like navigating through a maze? Free up some space and utilize your regularly untouched ceiling space with the Monkey Bars Storage Overhead Rack. This durable metal…

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  • Power Rax Motorized Ceiling Platform

    Power Rax

    Power Rax offers a motorized ceiling mount platform to help alleviate the stress of heavy item storage. These robust machines have the capability to raise and lower up to 500lbs of weight. Not only…

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