Renovations can be an immensely personal process. At The Garage Store, we pride ourselves on providing project results that reflect just that. Everything that we do, from our complimentary site visits to our persistent communication, is to help create exactly what people envision for their garage interiors. We genuinely love what we do and work diligently to ensure clients leave our showroom with excitement in their thoughts and a smile on their face.


The Garage Store is a family owned & operated business that has been serving the fantastic city of Calgary & surrounding areas since 2004. We pride ourselves on being the premiere choice for garage interiors & our knowledgeable team is committed to providing you with only top of the line products, service & installation. From simple to extraordinary, we’ve done it all! Whether you’re searching for an attractive & protective floor coating, a lift to work on your favorite ride, a powerful new cabinet set up, or even simple storage solutions to help reclaim your space, we offer a variety of products to serve every client’s unique needs & budget. Give us a call today for more information, or to arrange a complimentary site visit with one of our professionals. We don’t build garages, we make them better!


Shop Staff

Don Fetherstonhaugh

President & Owner

Don is an accomplished man of many hats with an endless supply of entertaining stories to tell. When he’s finished at the shop for the day, you’ll find him out on the town with his wife or relaxing with the boys.

Rob Fetherstonhaugh

General Manager & Owner

As general manager, and practically superman, Rob is always on the go ensuring our clients and staff alike are happy. In his cherished time off, he enjoys spending time with his family and vacationing at their cabin.

Maria Karamanos

Installation & Client Relations Manager

We had a hard time picking just one title for Maria Karamanos. Her job description is as big as her heart. When she’s not managing the office, she’s snuggled up to her 2 boxers or out cruising on her motorcycle.

Siraj Haris

Financial Manager

Managing the numbers in our shop requires extreme talent, which is exactly what Siraj possesses. He truly lives up to the “World’s Best Accountant” trophy on his desk. In his time off, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Maria Hilton

Design & Estimate Specialist

Wherever Maria is, a snorting pug is usually not far behind. When she’s not in the office working on designs, you can usually spot her at a concert.

David Mayer

Special Project Consultant

When it comes to flooring questions, David is your guy. He’s a highly experienced and vital part of our team. When he’s not in the office with his dog Shiloh or training contractors, he’s out hitting the road on his motorbike and taking in the sights.

Dwight Lockhart


Dwight Lockhart is the embodiment of the word upbeat. From creating a masterpiece mural to building Star Wars memorabilia, he truly loves his work. When he’s not covered in paint and drywall mud, he’s out west or with his lovely wife Debbie.

Crew Members

Mike Danis


Jesus Turrubiate


Victor Ugboke

Team Lead

Lalinde Guruge

Flooring Applicator

Saleem Adrees

Team Lead

Ravi Urdarasinkam

Flooring Applicator


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