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    Racor is a premier international brand that supplies over 50 diverse products to entertain all of your garage storage needs. Their product is engineered with the highest quality standards and they are revered for the exceptional customer satisfaction they supply. Racor offers a vast range of product spanning from ceiling lifts to wall racks, along with a cache of commodities for sporting equipment & tools. Start your storage plan off the right way and let Racor help maximize your garage’s potential.


    • Large selection of storage products.
    • Affordable options.
    • Durable construction.
    • Long lasting, space saving products.
    • High quality.
    • Unique designs.

    Customer service is hard to find now a days BUT that has not been my experience at the Garage Store. I discussed a minor problem with them in November, which they immediately looked into. We decided that they should wait until spring to try and resolve this minor problem. They said that THEY would call me in the spring to set up an appointment. Believe or not, they did call in the middle of April, set up a day and time the last week of April and showed up ON TIME. They worked on what I thought was only a minor problem all day and left me with a beautiful garage floor. NO CHARGE. Nice service personnel, polite, cleaned up everything.

    - Richard Mastel

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