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Park Smart Wall Guard

Auto Care


    Have you ever experienced the horrific sound of your car door hitting a wall? It’s comparable to nails on a chalk board. Protect your door & your wall with the Park Smart Wall Guard. This rubber-like “bumper” is installed directly into the wall to provide cushioning for those times where you overestimate your door swing. Backed by a lifetime warranty, these wall guards are an affordable & intelligent investment. They’re even available in clear, so the option to keep it covert is there. Take this simple preventative measure to save yourself the pain of chips & dents.


    • Ideal preventative measure.
    • Install into drywall, studs, bricks and concrete.
    • Available in Yellow and Clear.
    • Easy to install.
    • Backed by a supplier Lifetime Warranty.
    • Affordable.

    I have dealt with Don at the Garage Store for over 7 years, when he first installed polyaspartic covering on my brand new garage floor (fantastic product that has held up extremely well after 7+ yrs) after building my house. I recently went back to Don when I was in need of wall storage and ceiling storage options. I ended up installing both Proslat wall storage and a 4X8 ceiling lift to hoist and store tires, lawnmowers and other stuff, and couldn't be happier with both the product and the service. Don's Installation Coordinator and Customer Service Manager was excellent in understanding what my needs were and recommended the lift I ended up purchasing. She also ended up coming out with their installer to calibrate and show me how to operate the lift. My entire experience with The Garage Store was top notch and professional, and I have the comfort in knowing that Don and his team stand behind their products should I ever encounter any issues. I highly recommend The Garage Store for any of your garage accessory needs.

    - Mel Rampersad

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