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Park Smart Mats

Auto Care


Are you tired of your vehicle run off leaving the garage looking like a swamp? Remedy the problem with a Park Smart Containment Mat. These extremely durable, vinyl mats are designed specifically to fight the pooling of water on your garage floor. Thanks to the raised plastic trim around the perimeter, any run off, mud, and snow from your vehicle stays within the mat for ease of disposal. Not only does this help protect your concrete from moisture, it ensures your walkways are left dry and therefor safe. With a one year limited supplier warranty, it’s an effective & worthy investment.


  • 7.5' x 16'
  • 7.5' x 18'
  • 7.5' x 20'
  • Edge Kits Available

Put in new garage cabinets of about 30 feet longs in our commercial garage. The price was comparable to everyone else but the service was better. They installed them all in one day with no issues. They use their own installers and we were very happy with them.

- Randy

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