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Park Perfect Mats

Auto Care


    It can be challenging to maneuver your vehicle into that specific sweet spot in your garage. Auto Care’s Park Perfect Mats wash the complications of tight parking away. These mats are uniquely designed to guide your tire into the perfect spot every time and the available bright colors make it clear as day to see. You’ll know exactly when to stop once your drive over the front bump of the mat. It’s made to fit any size tire too, so there’s no need to fumble with specifications. Don’t forget the simple peel & stick application, which allows for painless installation- who doesn’t love that? Avoid embarrassing damage to your vehicle or home with this straightforward parking solution.


      Don and Rob were so knowledgeable and innovative in their approach to my desired outcome. They are truly the trusted authorities in this business. My wife is so happy that my tools and spare parts are so well organized and we have lots of clean storage space for the general household.

      - Roberto

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