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Medici Coatings

HP Spartacote


    Set your home apart from others and utilize the wonders of Medici flooring. This decorative polyuria color coating system won’t yellow or fade and the virtually unlimited pot life allows adequate time to help you obtain that unmatched, natural look. The high chemical & abrasion resistance, alongside the low odor application, make this product’s dependable quality as attractive as its appearance. Suitable in anywhere from the garage to the office, Medici is an optimal choice to add that extra touch of alluring texture to your space.


    • Endless color combinations.
    • Excellent abrasion resistance.
    • Virtually unlimited pot-life.
    • Low odor.
    • 100% UV stable.
    • One-of-a-kind texture and finishes.

    High performance and sustainability is at the core of HP Spartacote’s product values. They provide applicators, contractors & developers around the world with some of the most progressive and diverse concrete coatings available. In addition to an outstanding assortment of product, Spartacote experts provide consistent support, advice, and guidance to their field applicators in order to secure a precise installation.

    Customer service is hard to find now a days BUT that has not been my experience at the Garage Store. I discussed a minor problem with them in November, which they immediately looked into. We decided that they should wait until spring to try and resolve this minor problem. They said that THEY would call me in the spring to set up an appointment. Believe or not, they did call in the middle of April, set up a day and time the last week of April and showed up ON TIME. They worked on what I thought was only a minor problem all day and left me with a beautiful garage floor. NO CHARGE. Nice service personnel, polite, cleaned up everything.

    - Richard Mastel

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