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Hayley Tire Racks

Cabinets by Hayley


    One of the biggest annoyances in garage storage can be organizing your unwieldy off-season tires. “Cabinets by Hayley” offers capable & reliable racks to help keep your tires secure and out of the way. These heavy duty products are simple to load and the powder coated finish adds a touch of class to any wall. They have two available sizes, making them useful for everything from small car to truck tires. Utilize this inexpensive solution to protect your tires while keeping them easily accessible during our ever-changing weather.


    • Available in 3 sizes.
    • Powder coated frame.
    • 12” steel mounting plate.
    • Heavy duty construction.
    • Simple to install.
    • Affordable tire storage option.

    Customer service is hard to find now a days BUT that has not been my experience at the Garage Store. I discussed a minor problem with them in November, which they immediately looked into. We decided that they should wait until spring to try and resolve this minor problem. They said that THEY would call me in the spring to set up an appointment. Believe or not, they did call in the middle of April, set up a day and time the last week of April and showed up ON TIME. They worked on what I thought was only a minor problem all day and left me with a beautiful garage floor. NO CHARGE. Nice service personnel, polite, cleaned up everything.

    - Richard Mastel

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