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    Practical, reliable, and thoroughly inspected: what more could you want in a storage product? HandiWALL by HandiSOLUTIONS is a PVC slat wall system designed to suit the consistently changing requirements of organization. The wide range of available accessories, paired with their vigorously tested wall system, offers you the flexibility to strategically reconstruct your layout as needed. It’s also simple to cut, making it painless to provide extra storage in those unused sections of your wall. Give your garage the extra resilience you desire and help tame the chaos of clutter with HandiWALL.


    • Strong and durable.
    • Easy to cut for specific sizes.
    • 1’ x 8’ panels available.
    • Multiple colors available.
    • Large selection of accessories.
    • Scratch resistant.

    Don and Rob were so knowledgeable and innovative in their approach to my desired outcome. They are truly the trusted authorities in this business. My wife is so happy that my tools and spare parts are so well organized and we have lots of clean storage space for the general household.

    - Roberto

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