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Concrete Sealers & Densifiers


    The inconvenience of having to recoat your industrial floor every few years can be draining. Not only does it take away valuable time and focus from your business, it can take a toll on your checkbook. Invest in something dependable and protect your floor with confidence. We offer numerous densifiers & sealers made to be highly effective and keep costs down. Not only are these coating systems low maintenance, they also increase the strength and density of your floor. You’ll be impressed with the ability of these products that boast of protection against numerous factors from moisture, to corrosion & free thaw damage. Whether you’re looking for a densifier to improve your concrete’s integrity, or a sealer to provide a natural, high traction surface, we’ve got you covered.


    • Invisible protection.
    • Shields against moisture penetration.
    • Eliminates dusting.
    • Very low maintenance.
    • Inexpensive and odor free.
    • Does not require future re-coating.

    Put in new garage cabinets of about 30 feet longs in our commercial garage. The price was comparable to everyone else but the service was better. They installed them all in one day with no issues. They use their own installers and we were very happy with them.

    - Randy

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