The Garage Store - Calgary Garage Products & Services
Store Hours: Monday - Friday 10AM to 5:30PM and Saturday 10AM to 4PM
Calgary: (403) 258-1110 or

Dealing with experts in a given field, allows for a customer’s most efficient use of their time and money. Specializing in making your garage the best it can be, is what we do. And to this end, our experts will help you decide which systems and products are best-suited for your particular needs. Flooring options: from the oldest technology, (paint), to the newest technology, (polyaspartic aliphatic polyureas). Cabinets: wood, metal, or a fusion of both? Storage: wall and ceiling systems, and the proper accessories. Heating solutions: forced air, infra-red, or radiant. Overhead doors. Lighting solutions: from the oldest technology, (incandescent), to the newest, (modern LED). Car lifts: four-post, two-post, scissor, multiple. Removing the stress and worry, and flooring you with our knowledge, products, service, and professionalism, is what we're all about.